February 2018

Beneficiarios de una subvención INTERNACIONAL IVACE

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NEOID SYSTEMS, empresa valenciana ubicada en Castellón, líder en el mercado de impresoras industriales inkjet de alta resolución, ha sido beneficiario de una subvención por IVACE INTERNACIONAL y cuenta con el apoyo del FONDO FEDER PARA EL DESARROLLO REGIONAL para su proyecto de internacionalización. Durante el año 2016 la empresa estaba [...]

Beneficiary of a grant by INTERNATIONAL IVACE

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NEOID SYSTEMS, a Valencian company placed in Castellon and leader in the industrial inkjet printer market of high resolution has been beneficiary of a grant by INTERNATIONAL IVACE and it has the support of the FEDER FOUND OF REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT for its internationalization project. During the year 2016 the [...]

January 2018

Ending of the “D+I project of compact PIEZOELECTRICAS high resolution printers”

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NEOID SYSTEMS S.L.  has completed the project with technical success  "I + D of printers piezo of high resolution compact capable of print with scale of GREYS" that has been developed with technical success between may 2016 and December 2017.   This project of research and development, has been [...]


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NEOID SYSTEMS S.L., CIF: B12744363 has been beneficiary of an aid granted by the IVACE and the European Regional Development Fund within the program assistance to the SME-CV 2017 internationalization plans. ANNOUNCEMENT: Resolution of 18 April 2017 of the President of the IVACE that is called the aid plans [...]

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